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Iceland2 by lilirose
Crab Nebula by jcpag2010
The Pleiades by jcpag2010
The Great Orion Nebula by jcpag2010
Space Aeronautics and flight
Sea Launch 1 by BlackHawk00021
In my world, the space shuttle still flies by trainmanauxl1
The Most Intricate, Complex Machine by rlkitterman
Challenger Debris Memorial by Camrad114Drezelan
Drones, Midgets and Mutations, X-Planes
stratojet rascal retouched by TreborNehoc
F-16 86-0048 MATV by fighterman35
When NASA had all the coolest toys by fighterman35
F-16XL 75-0749 by fighterman35
Military Aviation-Don't submit, folder full
Lockheed  EF-70 Panther VFA-131 Wildcats by bagera3005
Bird,s Nest by faizan47
USAF F86 Sabre by HandofManos
MIG 15 Polish Airforce by HandofManos
Civilian and Commercial Aviation
Getting a Citation by Maxojir
Down to the Landing Lights by The-Transport-Guild
Waco UPF-7 by KiloCharlieKilo
Vintage Nevada - Douglas DC-3 by Yesterdays-Paper
Space Pictures
Uranus by jcpag2010
Saturn's Moon Titan from Voyager 1 by jcpag2010
Jupiter's Moon Ganymede from Voyager 1 by jcpag2010
Venus by jcpag2010
Overhead by BlastWaves
Nova Critical Mass Shell by bagera3005
SHIELD Battlestar Delta Class by Keyser94
Astronauts, Missions and Squadron Patches
Martian 2 by SpacePozzolo
Martian 1 by SpacePozzolo
Mars Explorer by SpacePozzolo
Inspire Others by Johns-ASC
GSLV MkIII by Emigepa
Liftoff... We Have Liftoff! by ChalkArtist1216
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by SpacePozzolo
SLS Crew Launch by okan170
Space and Aviation Art
Tomcat Launch by DouglasCastleman
Spitfire Mark IX Wingover by DouglasCastleman
Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless by DouglasCastleman
Airshow Mustang by DouglasCastleman
Living Machines
Aeromorph _ X-15 _ 20170521 by K4nK4n
Military and Civilian Aircraft Hardware
Spitfire by p40kittyhawk
Aviators, Pioneers and Innovation Paradigms
We Made It! by Bill-Groff
MAKS Spaceplane and  a Space Station Core Module by SpacePozzolo
Aircraft Weaponry and Ground to Air Weaponry
Lockheed Martin MIRV Mjlnir by bagera3005
Black Aircraft
B2 by Emigepa
Military Aviation 2-Don't Submit,Folder Full
Air and Space Models
Jackie Rides Again by GrummanCat
Flightsim,Game Planes and Fictional Aircraft
CF-105 Demo Team by Medjoe
Military Aviation 3- Submit Here
Evening flight by Konrad22

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Recent Journal Entries

Older News but still good news none the less... President Trump signs order to re-establish the National Space Council. | Jul 3rd, 2017 -

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will enable re-establishment of the National Space Council, which will coordinate commercial, technological and national security opportunities for the country.

The council was established by President George H.W. Bush in 1989 to advise and assist the president with regard to national space policy and strategy.

The council stopped its operation in 1993.

The executive order signed by Trump now revives the council and is expected to bolster the country’s role in the space sector.

"The council has guided NASA from our earliest days and can help us achieve the many ambitious milestones we are striving for today.”

After signing the order on Friday, Trump said: "Today's announcement sends a clear signal to the world that we are restoring America's proud legacy of leadership in space."

Acting NASA administrator Robert Lightfoot said: “The council existed previously from 1989-1993, and a version of it also existed as the National Aeronautics and Space Council from 1958-1973.

“As such, the council has guided NASA from our earliest days and can help us achieve the many ambitious milestones we are striving for today.”

This group will advise the president, and comprises leaders from government agencies with a stake in space, including the NASA administrator, the secretaries of state, commerce, defense and others.

The council will be chaired by Vice-President Mike Pence.

Lightfoot added: “It will help ensure that all aspects of the nation’s space power, national security; commerce; international relations; exploration; and science, are coordinated and aligned to best serve the American people.

"A users’advisory group also will be convened so that the interests of industries and other non-federal entities are represented.”

Image: Trump signing the order. Photo: courtesy of NASA.

The cargo version of Dream Chaser is encapsulated in an Atlas V fairing. Image Credit: United Launch Alliance.

July 19, 2017 – Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced that it selected United Launch Alliance’s (ULA’s) commercially developed Atlas V rocket to launch the first two missions of its Dream Chaser cargo system in support of NASA’s Cargo Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) contract.

“ULA is pleased to partner with Sierra Nevada Corporation to launch its Dream Chaser cargo system to the International Space Station in less than three years,” said Gary Wentz, ULA vice president of Human and Commercial Systems. “We recognize the importance of on time and reliable transportation of crew and cargo to Station and are honored the Atlas V was selected to continue to launch cargo resupply missions for NASA.”

The two awarded Atlas V missions will carry pressurized and unpressurized cargo to the International Space Station (ISS). The first mission is set to lift off in 2020 from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida. The second contracted mission is scheduled to lift off in 2021.

Dream Chaser will launch atop an Atlas V 552, with a dual engine Centaur upper stage. The 552 configuration hasn’t flown yet.

“SNC recognizes the proven reliability of the Atlas V rocket and its availability and schedule performance makes it the right choice for the first two flights of the Dream Chaser,” said Mark Sirangelo, corporate vice president of SNC’s Space Systems business area. “ULA is an important player in the market and we appreciate their history and continued contributions to space flights and are pleased to support the aerospace community in Colorado and Alabama,” added Sirangelo.

Rendering of SNC’s Dream Chaser cargo spacecraft docked at the ISS. Image Credit; Sierra Nevada Corporation.

The Atlas V has received NASA’s highest and most rigorous Category 3 Certification, which allows the Atlas V family of launch vehicles to fly NASA’s most complex and critical missions.

The Dream Chaser spacecraft has been in development for more than 10 years, including six years as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and leverages more than 40 years of NASA spaceflight and space shuttle heritage. In 2016, Dream Chaser was selected by NASA under the CRS2 contract to transport pressurized and unpressurized cargo to and from the ISS with return and disposal services.

SNC’s Space Systems business area, where the Dream Chaser spacecraft is built, is located in Louisville, Colorado. United Launch Alliance has its corporate headquarters in Centennial, Colorado.

This animated video represents Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser® Cargo System mission. The Dream Chaser Cargo System is an innovative complete cargo transportation system capable of transporting pressurized and unpressurized cargo to and from low-Earth orbit destinations such as the International Space Station. This system is designed to fulfill NASA’s current Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2).
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