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"Houston, we've had a problem."

Those words were uttered 45 years ago by American astronaut Jack Swigert after an explosion on the Apollo 13 mission to the moon.

The explosion of an oxygen tank on April 13, 1970, when the vessel was nearly 322,000 kilometers from Earth, threatened to strand Swigert and fellow astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise in space forever.

The crew and NASA's Mission Control devised a series of emergency procedures to turn the spacecraft back to Earth. Their efforts ended with a successful splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on April 17.

Apollo 13 roared into space on April 11, 1970, fully expecting to become the third successful NASA mission to the moon.

Apollo 13 Prime Crew.jpg
The actual Apollo 13 lunar landing mission prime crew from left to right are: Commander, James A. Lovell Jr., Command Module pilot, John L. Swigert Jr.and Lunar Module pilot, Fred W. Haise Jr.The original Command Module pilot for this mission was Thomas "Ken" Mattingly Jr. but due to exposure to German measles he was replaced by his backup, Command Module pilot, John L. "Jack" Swigert Jr.

Apollo 13 liftoff

Apollo 13 passing Moon.jpg
The crew of Apollo 13 photographed the Moon from their Lunar Module "life boat" as they passed by it. The shut-down Command Module is visible out the overhead rendezvous window.

Apollo 13's damaged Service Module, as photographed from the Command Module after being jettisoned

The Apollo 13 Lunar Module Aquarius is jettisoned above the Earth after serving as a lifeboat for four days. It reentered Earth's atmosphere over Fiji and burned up.

Apollo 13 splashes down in the South Pacific on April 17, 1970.
The moon passed into the Earth's shadow before early yesterday (April 4), turning most of the lunar surface a deep, blood-red color in a total lunar eclipse that lasted less than 10 minutes at its peak, making it the shortest of its kind this century.

Photos of the total lunar eclipse show a highly variable and unique color pattern on the lunar surface, which included shades of deep blood red, rusty orange, pale yellow, grayish blue and white. Collectively, the different colors created a stunning "rainbow" on the moon's surface, according to some observers.

This was the first total lunar eclipse of 2015 and the third in a series of four closely spaced total lunar eclipses — also known as a lunar tetrad. The fourth eclipse of the tetrad will occur on Sept. 28, 2015.

This spectacular view of the red moon during the April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse by photographer Dean Hooper in Melbourne, Australia. This image was shared by the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy.

By Jason Hanna and Amanda Barnett, CNN
Updated 5:56 PM ET, Sat April 4, 2015
(Photo's from

The third blood moon in a four-part series was the shortest eclipse of the bunch, but still a sweet treat for early risers in North America.

The moon slipped fully into Earth's shadow at 4:58 a.m. Pacific Time (7:58 a.m. ET) Saturday, starting a total lunar eclipse for nearly five minutes -- what NASA says will be the shortest such eclipse of the century.

The celestial body took on a burnt-orange tint in the minutes before, during and after the total eclipse, giving the moon the appearance that earns total eclipses the "blood moon" nickname.

Watchers in the eastern half of North America caught only a partial eclipse -- and in some places, an orange one -- before the moon set below the horizon.

Veteran skywatcher Maxim Senin of Redondo Beach, California combined multiple exposures to create this time-lapse view of the total lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015.

The event started at 3:16 a.m. PT (6:16 a.m. ET), when the moon began moving into Earth's shadow.

"The lunar eclipse is looking good!" tweeted Ryan Hoke, a meteorologist for CNN affiliate WAVE in Louisville, Kentucky, showing a picture of a reddish partial moon in a blue dawn sky.

View image on Twitter
(Photo courtesy of CNN)

People from the U.S. West Coast to Australia were able to catch the total eclipse.

Parts of South America, India, China and Russia were able to see at least parts of the event, but it wasn't visible in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Africa or the Middle East.

A lunar eclipse happens when the sun, Earth and moon form a straight line in space, with the Earth smack in the middle.

The sun shines on the Earth and creates a shadow. As the moon moves deeper into that shadow, it appears to turn dark and may even appear to be a reddish color. Why red? Because Earth's atmosphere is filtering out most of the blue light.

The total lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015 dominates this stunning photo by veteran astrophotographer Tyler Leavitt in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leavitt captured the eclipse with the Stratosphere hotel and casino.

NASA says lunar eclipses typically happen at least twice a year, but this eclipse is the third in a series of four in a row, known as a "tetrad." The first was April 15, 2014, and the second was October 23, 2014. The space agency predicts the next one will come September 28.


The next total lunar eclipse takes place on Sept. 28, 2015. That comes shortly after a partial solar eclipse on Sept. 13, which will only be visible in Antarctica, but there are many other awesome skywatching events in 2015 to look out for.

For more eclipse action, the next total solar eclipse — when the moon appears to block out the sun — takes place in March 2016 and will be visible from Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi and parts of the Pacific Ocean. In August 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the United States.
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We Are A space inspired Group we focus on Scientific expansion, Discovery and of course Space related items of interest. The Space Race is especially loved, we focus on our history as man in space.

The History of Man in Flight is also very Appreciated Aviation and Space are the focuses of interest.

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Criteria & Rules:


:star:How to Submit:star:



:bulletgreen: Only good quality works (Please think about resolution, scan quality,
ready for printing, etc. No home-made travel photos. Poor quality self-portrait
not accepted.) Especially in the Featured Folder !

:bulletgreen: NO Pornographic Content (we’re trying to keep the gallery clean and open for all members of varying tastes and ages)

:bulletgreen: NO Extreme Violence and/or Horror

:bulletgreen: NO stolen works
of other artists without their explicit and direct permission, stolen art will be removed and you will get a warning, if the problem continues you will be kicked by one of the admins.

:bulletgreen: Public domain works are excepted. As they are historical in nature and do
not require permission of the owner to use or redistribute.
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I have a few folders with more flight deck related pictures. I'll be sure to submit them to your page when I post them!
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William-Black Featured By Owner Edited Nov 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

GeneralTate makes comment below, my thoughts on the issue:


I don’t have to admit I blocked paradigm-shifting. I’ve never denied that.

I do not need to apologize, and have no intention of doing so.


When paradigm-shifting offered a link to a youtube video I looked through his gallery instead.


What I found was a rampant and overt hatred for the intellectual thought of others expressed in a cynical manner that I do not particularly care for.


paradigm-shifting is free to express such thought — I am free not to indulge it.


I blocked paradigm-shifting because we hold mutually antagonistic world views.  

There is no wrong in blocking someone when it is obvious that interaction would lead to conflict.


Free-will or self-determination refers to a characteristic of a person that leads them to make choices and decisions based on their own preferences and interests, to determine their own course of action without compulsion. Recognition of free-will is intrinsic to the concept of a free society.


You cannot force or compel anyone to interact with you, nor should you try. In a free society all human relationships are voluntary. Men are free to deal with one another or not, as their own individual judgments, convictions, and interests dictate.


paradigm-shifting is free to not like the fact I blocked him. He’s free to express that as much as he wants, he can post a million comments about it, and he can write a mountain of journals bitching about it if he wants to. I don’t particularly care.


The one thing I take exception to is his seizing my artwork and using it without permission. Because it is my property. I own it. I do not have to allow anyone to use it without permission.


paradigm-shifting didn’t have to “prove” I blocked him, I made it quite clear that I had, and paradigm-shifting did not just screen-cap the conversation showing I blocked him—though I do not care that he did—paradigm-shifting took a screen cap of my profile page and composed an artwork comprised of the screen-capped conversation and my artworks. This infringed seven of my artworks.


When someone copies your artwork and uses it without permission the law defines this as copyright infringement.


deviantArt has an excellent policy page which outlines copyright law, available here: Copyright Policy.


For the definitive law see: Copyright Law of the United States.


When someone copies your artwork and uses it without permission you, as the artist, creator, and owner of the work have the option of filing a DMCA Take Down Notice. Which is exactly what I did. This puts the infringer on notice that his use of your artwork was unauthorized and, in this case, it notifies deviantART that they have a predator in the membership. deviantART will take the infringing work down to avoid liability.


GeneralTate and paradigm-shifting have claimed that their use of my artwork was “criticism” under Copyright Right Act Fair Use Provision Title 17 Chapter 1 Article 107—however the fair use act is not a blank check to infringe the creative works of others, the deviantART  Copyright Policy warns that fair use should only be negotiated with the advisement of an attorney.


There is a reason this warning is there, if you are sued for infringement you will have no choice but to appear in court with legal defense, fees are $350 to $500 per hour, billed monthly, with a retainer, minimum up front $1,000, and be prepared to spend only $10,000 total if it is a quick open-and-shut case. These are the low end fees. Fines and damages if you lose can run into the $100,000 range and at the court’s discretion you can be required to pay the initiating parties legal expenses.


Even if you are not sued it does not mean the artist has ceded his ownership rights – the artist is free to file a DMCA every time their work is infringed with no consequence to his or her self so long as they misrepresent nothing. An artist owns his artwork at the point of creation. As an artist, your rights in regard to your own work are exclusive and you are free to exercise them at your discretion.


An infringer who uses artwork created by others without permission has no recognized ownership rights, and thus no protection.


That is the legal side.


On the public relationship side one has to wonder  what GeneralTate and paradigm-shifting are thinking:


This is an artist site; the largest site for artists on the planet.


Their group depends on artists submitting their art to the group.


Here on their group’s main page GeneralTate and paradigm-shifting have been publicly trumpeting, for weeks on end, that they feel they can and will infringe artists work for trivial and frivolous reasons.


How do you imagine this thread reads to artists who might be considering submitting their art to the group?


One has to wonder if Generaltate and paradigm-shifting have taken leave of their senses.


As for paradigm-shifting: most people understand that when you are blocked it means that individual wants nothing to do with you.


All of paradigm-shifting's issues and actions center around his difficulty with the free-will and self-determination of others, when someone chooses not to interact with him his choice of action is to take a piece of that individuals artwork "hostage" in order to force or compel that individual to interact with him.


In a free society there is no permissible application of force or compulsion. paradigm-shifting, in taking my artworks "hostage" in order to force my attention, is legally, ethically, and morally in the wrong, there really is no question in regards to this fact.

William-Black Featured By Owner Edited Nov 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Why does god need a starship—well that’s really misdirection.


In the course of discussion GeneralTate was free to disagree with me, I had no problem with this, he was free to not follow the links and citation I provided, he was free to not respond, he was free to ignore me if he wanted. I really don’t care. He stated his opinions and I stated mine. See his comments and my responses here and here.


GeneralTate was blocked after he defended paradigm-shifting’s infringements and allowed the infringing works to be posted in the group, despite his own rule against this. GeneralTate blocked me October 5, 2014—the day paradigm-shifting infringed my art.


There was no “cause” at the start of this, there was only a discussion.

GeneralTate and paradigm-shifting decided to make this into an altercation.

Previous to that moment on October 5th I had only made honest comment on three NASA-Headquarters group journals, and had a large number of my artworks in the group galleries. I pulled all of my artwork out of the group the moment GeneralTate defended and cheered paradigm-shifting’s act of infringement and allowed his infringing works to be posted in the group.


paradigm-shifting has only been in NASA-Headquarters group as a co-founder since the beginning of October, he infringed my art the first time on October 5th.


My only issue with GeneralTate is he admittedly participated in and cheered the infringement of my artwork.


Anyone who commented on and is approving of paradigm-shifting’s acts of infringement will find themselves blocked.


Artists who approve of infringement are not individuals I would want faving or commenting on my work.


For those who want to know both sides of this altercation see the following journals:


Infringing Art Posted by NASA-Headquarters Group.


Repeat Performance: It's About The Numbers.


2nd Infringement NASA-Headquarters Group.


As for my own pages I have rules about comments and argument you can read them in my journals:


Orion's Arm Future History FAQ, Entry One.


Orion's Arm Future History FAQ, Entry Two.

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